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Collateral is a key component of the Finablr system. Here are a few things we think might be important for users to note.

Acceptable Collaterals:

While Finablr is ever-evolving to include as many other marketable collateral categories as feasibly possible, here are the currently accepted ones:

  • Electronics e.g. smart phones, smart Televisions, Laptops, Higher end blue tooth audio devices etc

  • Vehicles e.g. private vehicles, passenger vehicles, earth-movers

  • Real estate i.e. titled land or untitled land with development (buildings)

download (10).jpg


  • Pictures of device

  • Functionality Assessment/ valuation report

images (2).jpg


  • Pictures of property

  • Copy of title

  • Boundary opening report

  • Title search report

  • Valuation report

  • Mortgage placement

  • Spousal consent

  • LC1 introduction

  • Guarantor

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  • Copy of Logbook

  • Pictures of vehicle

  • Mechanical Assessment/ valuation report

  • Tracker

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Caveat placement

  • Guarantor




While pre-qualification/assessment charges under Finablr vary from collateral category to category and on the technicalities that each case presents, here are the general cost ranges to consider:

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