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You can become a part of the Finablr network as a borrower by following the simple steps below:

download (1).jpg

Step 1:

Register your account by submitting your basic ‘KYC’ information

download (7).jpg

Step 2:

Register your collateral details such as category, specifications/features, your attached value, pictures etc

images (1).png

Step 3:

Submit your loan request highlighting features such as amount, period, interest you are offering, repayment type etc

download (8).jpg

Step 4:

You’re all done; now just sit back and relax and wait for offers from Finablr lenders.

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Step 5:

Once e-signing is conclude, you will then be required to deliver the subject collateral into EFL custody

download (9).jpg

Step 6:

Loan disbursement to you.

download (6).jpg

Step 7:

 Repayment commences.

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