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We envision an Africa where greater social-economic development for all stakeholders is simply a matter of availability of opportunities that are readily backed by a financially inclusive environment built not only on a firm foundation of trust, integrity, professionalism, accountability but also on community.

Our Story

We understand that a key aspect of deep-rooted development in any community especially developing ones such as ours in Uganda is access to credit/capital. Without capital and the skills and knowledge to manage it, one is not only unable to move to the next key step of starting up an enterprise but neither is one able to manage it to greater heights even if one somehow landed on a bag full of cash. Even the mere prospect of seeking employment requires access to credit be it for the purpose of equipping oneself with relevant skills and knowledge through study or actively searching for the employment opportunities. In our early days we had the honor of witnessing, first-hand, the great impact that simple microloans can have on the livelihoods of the few diligent clients we were able to serve. This greatly inspired what would be the genesis of Enabling Finance.

Tier IV finance has the unique ability of reaching out to those that for various reasons are unable to presently access finance through the higher Tiers  (Commercial banks, Credit Finance Institutions, Microfinance institutions)  and yet these  happen to  be such a great number that a whole Tier (IV) was created  for them by government thus allowing us the opportunity to serve.


Through several failures and successes over the years, we have been able to witness two major challenges holding back the Tier IV sector from thriving. These are; unscrupulous lenders that have inspired fear in the hearts of potential clients through their unethical operation but also the dishonest borrowers that borrow with the sale motive and no intention to repay catching  less experienced lenders off-guard. The combination of these factors have deprived many, including the genuine borrowers, the opportunity for financial inclusion.


It is from this background that the idea of Finablr was born in mid-2017. Through a series of system modifications and innovations based on professionalism, integrity, ethical practice, social-economic empowerment, individual and group accountability but also simply on good business, Finablr seeks to reconcile the relationship between the Tier stakeholders (lenders, borrowers and authorities) . This is with the intention of once again reviving the opportunities that a thriving credit network has created in the past and can create again for all parties involved.


Through Finablr, we would like to encourage as many members of the public to take on money lending at a professional level, join the Tier IV credit network and create an alternative income stream in a safer environment. It is our commitment as EFL to guide you to success in your business and personal credit finance engagements.

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