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Allow me take a minute to show you how much power you can harness simply by knowing, tracking and understanding your business (or personal) cashflows.

All businesses and individuals need credit finance at some point in time but lack the two key factors required by financiers to avail this credit-Security or/and cashflows. For individuals, security is a must but for businesses, even just your cashflows can gain you access to credit and this is little-known is Uganda. Here's how much credit you can access as a business just using your cashflows:

A business earning 100k @ week (400k@ month) can easily access up to Ugx.1,200,000 payable over 8 months in weekly installments of up to Ugx. 80,000.

A business earning 60k @ week (240k@ month) can easily access up to Ugx. 450,000 payable over 8 months in weekly installments of up to Ugx. 30,000

And so on and so fourth....

All this has already happened to several businesses through EFL's M.S.M.E business loans.

However you can only harness this if you track and know you cashflows-what comes in, what goes out to the last shilling.

Over 80% of Micro and Small businesses in Uganda DO NOT track their cashflows hence the common adage 'living hand-to-mouth'. They are not to blame; it is only of recent that Ugandans are beginning to add value to their various enterprises through small tasks such as accountability.

Not sure where to start your journey to tracking, knowing and understanding your business (or personal) cashflows, a good place to start would be in using the sample template below:

The template above can work for individuals as well that are just trying to keep a firmer grip on their cashflows.

It doesn't have to be on excel; even just a designated book can do. The most important thing would be consistency. Do not mix that book with any other information as that book is basically the key to your business. And do not miss a single day of record. Try this for 30 days and you will be amazed at how much better you understand your business based on the data contained in this book.

Feel free to reach out to EFL via for more insights or an assessment of your tracked or untracked cashflows as you prepare to harness the power contained, not limited to access to credit finance.

Till next time! :-)

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