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1. Finablr secured

This is the typical short-medium term secured loan product available to anyone that has collateral to declare in exchange for a loan sum. Here, we implement a Peer-To-Peer system where any pre-qualified Finablr user has his loan request issued to all lenders in our system who then make loan offers influenced by in-app competition.



Loan Amounts: Ugx. 50,000- Ugx. 50,000,000

Loan periods: 1 week- 12 months as negotiated with lender

Interest rates: As set by borrower and negotiated with lender.

2. Finablr for salary

This is a short-medium term Business-To-Consumer product where employees have access to EFL-only loans in proportion to a percentage of their documented net income for as long as the employer and EFL are in official understanding.


  • Registration in-app

  • Official M.O.U between employer and Enabling Finance Ltd (EFL)

  • Proof of employment e.g. employment contract

Loan Amounts: Ugx. 10,000- Ugx. 2,000,000 (<50% of net pay)

Loan periods:  1 week- 6 months as negotiated with lender

Interest rates: 9% per month.


3. Finablr Executive Guarantee

This is an exclusive product where Finablr users that have maintained a high in-app credit rating (through their good repayment behavior) gain access to instant unsecured loans (no collateral) from EFL usually starting at Ugx. 10,000 and growing with each successful payment.


  • Registration in-app

  • Selection by EFL based on high credit rating as indicated in-app

Loan Amounts: Ugx. 10,000- Ugx. 1,000,000 (Loan limit grows with each repayment)

Loan periods:  1 day- 3 months.

Interest rates: Contingent on loan amount.

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